“It is love that holds everything together, and it is everything also" - Rumi


We are Mother and Daughter.  

We are Soul Sisters.  

And we share a vision.



That says something about us.

About Erin and SCD

Dreaming Your Life into Being

I wanted to open our blog by talking a little about us, and me and about Sacred Circle Dreamers.  But before I do that, I wanted to share with you my working definition of "Goddess".  A Goddess is a "PowerHouse of Divine Energy".  And there is that energy potential in each of us just waiting to emerge and step out into the world, to express itself through our very human life and bring us to the realization of our Divine Highest Life.  So, with that in mind...  read more

About Joyce and SCD

Developing the Feminine Wisdom

The Dream of Life

Now a few words about my path...I spent my college summers in the mountains of Colorado studying to be a missionary along the Christian path, I studied 4 intensive years in the Sweet Medicine Sundance Way which to this day drives much of what I believe and do. One of the most enduring beliefs from this paradigm was that ALL religious paths hold a piece of the truth and are meant to be shared in order to develop the world...read more

Sacred Circle Dreamers

is a community of Conscious Souls who are ready to make an impact in the world using our unique gifts to help raise the consciousness of our community and the world.


We are

actively exploring and honoring our inner vision and personal power and working to raise our capacity for living our highest life.


We are

a strong network of support for our fellow Sisters and Brothers in fulfilling their divine purpose on this Earth.


We honor

the power and purpose of feminine wisdom, in both men and women, in bringing about positive change.  And we also aknowledge the importance of balance between the masculine and feminine aspects in each of us in bringing about this positive change and balance to the world.


We strive

to live with an integrity and compassion which reflects our Highest Self and supports the emergence of Universal Love in our Community and the World.

We are each Unique  -  We are Powerful  -  We are the Voice of Love  -  We are the Future