Make 2018 a Year of Self-Discovery

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Tuesdays 7:45-9pm            Starts January 9th

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Mastering others is strength. Mastering oneself makes you fearless.

-Lao Tzu

Spiritual Expansion Group

Welcome to our Spiritual Expansion Group info page.

Please enjoy this free class recording.

If you connect with what we are sharing here and would like to attend the Spiritual Expansion Group weekly Workshop or join us virtually, you can find details below.

Website Membership option:

You can join us virtually through access to the Members-only class audios page,

As a Member, you get access to audios of the weekly Tuesday night Spiritual Expansion Group Workshops for all classes that calendar year as well as Audios of the guided meditation for each month.

Yearly Website membership is $220 - That is less than $4.25 per class! 

To join,

    1.) visit the Members Audio Page and register with your e-mail and password

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*If you are local, attending the Spiritual Expansion Group workshops regularly, and have purchased a workshop package ($100 for 11 classes...that is one free class), you are eligible to receive a website Membership for just $20. 

*Memberships are for one calendar year. Your membership gives you access to all class recordings for that calendar year (January-December) regardless of when you register, allowing you to listen to all the audios from previous classes you missed.

Valentina and I are excited to be offering this

weekly Tuesday-night meditation and discussion group

at Red Lotus Yoga 


As a main focus of this weekly group, which is centered around self-empowerment, creating a more harmonious life, and developing a closer relationship with our "Inner Guru", Valentina will be sharing some of the meditations she learned in her training with Dr. Brian Weiss to help us on our journey to our Higher Self. I will be leading discussion and a short teaching on a relevant topic each week.


Together, each week we will do a short guided meditation designed to help us get centered, calm, destressed, and develop our intuition and relationship with our inner guidance. Discussions will vary and will be non-religious, but will generally honor the Truth of the power of an attitude of service, kindness, compassion, and care-of-self in creating a more harmonious life experience, with focus on practical tools, thoughts and attitudes to apply to daily life.


Each month we will focus on a specific guided meditation. 

Included in the workshop, you will receive free access to a recording of the guided meditation for the month to support your daily home practice

develop tools to live a self-empowered life guided by your inner wisdom
understand and engage the creative power that we each hold
create a more harmonious, peaceful and love-centered life

Each month we will focus on a specific guided meditation.
You will receive a free recording of the guided meditation
for the month to support your daily home practice.

Previous meditation experience not required
Classes will build on each other but can stand alone
Regular attendance is encouraged for the most benefit
Wear comfortable clothes
You may want to bring: journal & pen, meditation cushion (blankets are available)



Red Lotus Yoga, Rochester

in the new workshop space

1900 S. Livernois Rd

Rochester Hills, MI


TIME: weekly

Tuesdays 7:45-9:00pm

Starts January 17th


Classes are $10 (drop in)

packages of 11 workshops can be purchased for $100.

Register on line at Red Lotus Yoga to purchase class packs

or pay at the front desk.

Erin Bannink

Erin Bannink is a board certified veterinary oncologist, veterinary acupuncturist, and certified yoga instructor who enjoys exploring the esoteric side of life with awe and wonder. She has intensively studied Tibetan Buddhism, Yoga philosophy, inner body yoga, and independent and intuitively guided spiritual practices since 2003. She has led countless classes, workshops and retreats on topics including yoga, meditation, tibetan buddhist philosophy, pranayama, kirtan, and mantra. Her life journey has nurtured an appreciation for the rich overlap of our complex realities. Her spiritual approach is heavily influenced by her personal experiences navigating these studies and practices, and the internal guidance which has developed because of that journey. She has a Dream that one day we will all come to know and love ourselves for the powerful creative forces that we are. It is through a path of empowerment, responsibility and love that we will come into our full expressions and live the life of our Dreams.

Valentina Febres Alvarez 

Valentina Alvarez is the mother of two wonderful insightful kids, and the wife of an incredibly supportive husband. She started her yoga practice in 2002, but it wasn't until 2008 that she started her formal inner journey. Valentina started studying Tibetan Buddhism in 2009, which sparked a strong interest in the subconscious, and the opportunity to explore the vast potential of inner growth that can be accessed through concentration techniques including meditation and "spiritual" hypnosis. She trained with Dr. Brian Weiss, studying intuitive exercises and hypnosis techniques, with the hope of achieving a successful connection with her higher self. She currently works as an entrepreneur, graphic designer and Spanish translator.