There is a difference between pain and suffering. One of the greatest dis-services to humanity is the teaching that "life is suffering". Life is not suffering. Suffering is not inevitable. We suffer because we have learned to suffer. We have been taught to suffer. In this class we discuss the first stage of learning how not to suffer.  The way that we do this is by reprogramming the subconscious programs that are causing our suffering. 


Tools to allow the purification of subconscious imprints (thoughts, images and emotions) without suffering. 

In this class we discuss the persistent distractions of:

1) Pain and Discomfort

2) Discursive Brilliance

3) Emotions, Memories, and Visions


And how our resistance to our experiences causes all our suffering. 

We discuss how learning to Acknowledge, Allow and Accept these experiences frees them from our subconscious and liberates us from suffering.

This is one of the weekly Tuesday night meditation classes at Red Lotus Yoga. Here, we are going through the 10 stages of meditation. We are at stage 4 in this class. We are using the book "The Mind Illuminated" by Dr. John Yates as a framework for our classes. The book I refer to here is this book, if you want to follow along. We are covering topics from pages 131-140 in this book if you want more details and advices on this process. The processes we discuss here are part of a daily mindfulness meditation practice.

*please note that the volume on the audio recording is very quiet in places. Headphones are recommended for easier listening.


Divine PowerHouse, 12/6/15:

The Art of Holding Space

Divine PowerHouse Class 12-06-15Erin Bannink

Free Audio of our December 2015 gathering

unedited - in the spirit of accepting what is :)


The article shared in this class is

The Mystery of Holding

 by  Matt Licata