Goddess Circle - Rochester Hills MI

“A woman is the full circle. 
Within her is the power to
create, nurture and transform.”
~Diane Mariechild 


at the Summer Solstice

Goddess Circle Gathers once a year

at the Summer Solstice

2018 Plans Coming in the Spring

Goddess Circle 2016



The Goddess Circle is a women's group celebrating our Divine Feminine Power and our infinite connection to the Earth, the Universe and each other.  


We gather once a year on the Summer Solstice, a day that marks the turning of the seasons and the balance of light and dark, sun and moon.  In this way, we honor and tune-in to the natural rhythms of the Earth, Sun, Moon and our Higher Self.  These gatherings are a time to tune in to our Feminine Wisdom, nurture the Goddess within, and learn some techniques to help us step more fully into our Divine Potential on this Earth as Women of Integrity and Power.  


We bring a unique and powerful gift to the world when we stand in the beauty of our power and love. In this fast-paced and stressful western world, the support of a positive community of like-minded women can be a vital aide to fully embrace, embody and empower these divine feminine qualities in ourselves.  It's time to stand in our Power, live our life purpose and have a great time doing it!  This is what the Goddess Circle is all about!


Through ceremonies honoring our divine Feminine, sharing nourishing discussion and foods, and playing with some activities that reflect the season and expression of our creative energies in an affirming and positive atmosphere, we celebrate the beauty of our divine, feminine selves and empower ourselves to walk into the next season of our life with greater clarity and purpose.


WISDOM WOMEN TRIBE: facilitated by Joyce 


For women over 60. In one of the most important times of our lives, we remember that we are the carriers of the wisdom and have a very active role to play in passing on this wisdom. This Tribe of Wisdom Women was formed to facilitate and support this powerful aspect of Feminine Wisdom for ourselves, our families and our communities.  As the carriers of the wisdom, we have an opportunity to continue in our purpose,  and share what we have learned and continue to learn.  At the Summer Solstice Gathering you can connect with Joyce, who is facilitating the Wisdom Women Tribe.













Date: Summer Solstice, Monday, June 20th     

Time:  5:30pm -10:30pm

The Summer Solstice occurs at 6:34pm on Monday June 20th. 

This is a very significant time to harness the energies in our environment for personal work and transformation. The reason for meeting exactly on the Solstice is to leverage the benefits of this energetic event in community for our personal healing and healing of the World.


Ceremony starts at 7pm sharp. Do not be late. From 5:30-6:30pm you will have time to gather natural items from the land for use in the ceremony and prepare your mind for ceremony. Additional details will be sent to registrants after the RSVP deadline of June 10th.


RSVP Deadline: June 10 

This is a hard deadline Ladies. I have to purchase supplies and be able to prepare. The sooner you RSVP to me, the sooner I can get to planning and scheming for a great event for all of us. Late registration fee after this date is $111.


To RSVP: email me at SacredCircleDreamers@gmail.com and submit your donation (through paypal here, or contact me via email to give cash or check)


Cost: minimum $30 donation to cover materials & expenses


Menu: This is a vegan, allergy-free, preferably raw, potluck.

Details below. 


Location: Rochester Hills, MI - my house 

I'll send location details when I get your RSVP


All the juicy details are below. 



We are each Unique, 

We are Powerful,

We are the Voice of Love, 

We are the Future.


The Goddess Circle is a community of Conscious  Women who are ready to make an impact in the world

using our unique gifts to help raise the consciousness of our community and the world. 


We are ready to explore and honor our own inner vision and personal power

and work to raise our capacity for living our highest life. 


We are a strong network of support for our fellow Sisters in fulfilling our divine purpose on this Earth.


We strive to live with an integrity and compassion which reflects our Highest Self,  

and supports the emergence of Universal Love in our Community and the World.