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Goddess Circle - Phoenix AZ

"The world will be saved by the Western woman." - The Dalai Lama, Vancouver Peace Summit, 2009


the last Saturday of every month



Jan 31

Feb 28 

March 28 


Each month we will decide on fun projects/empowerment activities for the next meeting.

Contact Joyce for event information and inquiries.


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January 31 Goddess Circle

Location: Deborah’s house

Get address directly from her.


This month I'm offering a presentation on: The meaning of numbers in our lives and how they can inform our decisions.


First, we'll talk about the “angel numbers”.  Through out the day—if you pay attention---often certain numbers keep appearing.  This is the universal energies trying to give you subtle messages to help you along your way.  Learning the meaning of these numbers helps you in two ways.  First it gets you to start “noticing” things around you.  Second, it actually gives you little messages to think about.  Everyone will receive a handout with the meanings.  So begin to notice any recurring numbers that seem to pop into your life in the next few weeks and you can discuss with the group how the Angel Number meanings may have applicability to your life right now.


Then, I thought it might be fun to do a numerology exercise to determine your life path number and your personal year number.  All you need to know for this is how to spell your name and the date of your birth.  So look them up if you forgot!!!!  I am not a numerologist but I do have some basic interpretive information.  This is sometimes fun to see how you think it applies to your life. 


Then Deborah might have a game she wants to play so we can all laugh and start the year off with fun and light heartedness.


I look forward to see everyone soon.