Dreaming your life into being - Erin's opening thoughts

I wanted to open our blog by talking a little about us, and me and about Sacred Circle Dreamers. But before I do that, I wanted to share with you my working definition of "Goddess". A Goddess is a "PowerHouse of Divine Energy". And there is that energy potential in each of us just waiting to emerge and step out into the world, to express itself through our very human life and bring us to the realization of our Divine Highest Life. So, with that in mind...

My name is Erin and I'm so happy you have happened across our page. I don't believe in coincidences and I do believe that we are in a powerful time of change and opportunity and new awareness. I believe there is a powerful shift occurring for us, and that now, as Conscious Women, we are being called to wake up and stand in our power and be examples of a higher kind of love in the world. And to, by our living example and dreaming the dream for everyone, support our Men in relating with their feminine wisdom as well. There is both masculine and feminine wisdom in us all, and striving for balance is key to awakening our true potential in this world. That is why I'm here, on this path, on this journey. And I believe that if you are reading this, you are too. We are all Soul Sisters and Brothers in this common task.

So first, a little about us. I have had a rather eclectic spiritual upbringing thanks to my very intelligent and wide-visioned Mother, Joyce, who is the co-founder of this site. We've shared a lot of history together and we wanted to create space to support each other on our journey of self-discovery and explore the emergence and nurturing of our Divine Feminine natures together with other Conscious Women and Men on a path to realize the fulfillment of our Highest Life. We may also share some things we are learning on our journey which have helped us, as we too grow and expand with all of you. My mom and I each have our own individual purpose and ways of doing things, and you will see that coming out in this site and blogs. Our hope is that this can be a forum of self-discovery, appreciation of the beauty and necessity of our uniqueness as Divine Women and Men, and a support for us and all of you, our Soul Sisters and Brothers.

And now a little about me. I was baptized Catholic, raised in a Congregational Church, and went to a Lutheran parochial school for my formative years all while experiencing the varied and wonderful experiences of the Native American tradition through the studies and interests my Mother was pursuing during my childhood. I attended Moon Lodges and Ritual gatherings, chanting, and energy balancing with crystals. And our interesting conversations have not stopped there! I've seriously studied Tibetan Buddhism in the lineage of the Dalai Lama for over 10 years, and I'm in love with Yoga philosophy. I resonate deeply with the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananada and have an affinity for Quan Yin, the Divine Mother of Compassion.

I've found a rich and magical spiritual path which has always been uniquely my own. And through the ups and downs of my life and my own spiritual journey, I'm always brought back to remembering the importance of honoring my own inner guidance and intuition and trusting that, even if my path doesn't look like anyone else's, and even if nobody else can understand where I am really coming from, my path is the one that nurtures me most effectively and brings me closer to my goals and inner happiness. And that is because I am the one Dreaming my life into existence. No one can do that for me. We are each Dreaming our own life into being. And no one can do that for us.

"A moon in each breast was given by the Gods to the women mothers so they may feed their Dreams to the True Men and True Women...she is the Earth, our great Mother of two breasts, so men and women can learn to dream. Learning to dream, they learn to grow tall." - Marcos, "The History of Dreams"

The Native American Tradition talks about Dreaming our world into existence. Just as we are dreaming our ordinary reality, we are dreaming our emergence into the consciousness of the Great Spirit, God, Universal Wisdom, the Divine. Use the concept that works for you. In yogic philosophy they talk about lila, the divine play of life. They talk about Maya, the illusion of this physical world and the fact that things are not as they appear to be. In Buddhism they talk about emptiness and karma and how the entirety of our experience depends on the how the images of our karma are playing out on the blank screen of the world around us. In psychology, they talk about how our mind determines what we see, how we feel about anything, based on mental impressions put there by the conditioning of our past experiences and our habitual reactions to the world. How we see what we expect to see. How we can change what we see by changing how we choose to think and react. All of this can get really heady. And I've been known to go down the long and brain boggling road of logic to explain these idea. That can be fun.

But the journey of my past few years, and the struggles I have passed through and learned from, have brought me to a great appreciation for the freedom and grace that is available when we just play with life. Like they talk about in yoga, Lila, the divine play. When we understand that every decision we make, every action we take, leads us either toward or away from our goal and we play there at that edge. And that all the circles that exist in our life - our family, our friends, our job, our inner life, the way we experience ourselves, our lover, and even our struggles - they are all deeply sacred. And if we invite life to play with us, honor the sacredness of the journey, tune in to our own inner guidance, keep our mind in a positive state as often as possible and then dance in this amazing play of life, magic happens. Then we are standing in our Power. The dream we are Dreaming somehow takes shape into one that supports our personal growth and our ability to make a difference for others. We begin to more fully realize the true magnitude of our potential and stand in our own sweet Feminine Power of the heart, the creative and transformative power of our Love. And we begin to step into our Highest Life. The life we were meant to live here, now, awake.

That is what we hope to honor through this site and the groups we are facilitating in our respective locations, me in Michigan, and my amazing Mother, Joyce, in Arizona. To honor the power we possess as Conscious Souls and the unique gifts we each bring to the world when we stand in our Divine Feminine Nature. And, by doing this, to create a network of support and a Sacred Circle of personal learning where we can travel hand in hand as Sisters and Brothers, while each experiencing and growing and dreaming our life into being through our own unique personal Soul Journeys. And through this network, to help bring positive change to ourselves, our families, our communities, and ultimately the wider world.

I hope you will join us! It's a beautiful life we are dreaming into being!

Big Love. - Erin

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