Developing the feminine wisdom - Joyce's opening thoughts

Now a few words about my path. Like Erin, I have studied but more importantly traveled many paths to lead me to my current place from which I continue to learn and grow. I had an awesome mother who, although we were from a long line of Baptist missionaries, believed that all spiritual paths had wisdom. My brother, who is a minister, studied comparative religions and included me in many discussions, giving me a very broad umbrella under which to develop my own unique ways of viewing and interacting with the world. I spent my college summers in the mountains of Colorado studying to be a missionary along the Christian path, I studied 4 intensive years in the Sweet Medicine Sundance Way which to this day drives much of what I believe and do. One of the most enduring beliefs from this paradigm was that ALL religious paths hold a piece of the truth and are meant to be shared in order to develop the world. I used the teaching of the various medicine circles during the days I was doing psychotherapy. These concepts worked both for adults and children and could be used to find a healing path for all of life’s challenges. Later I became immersed in the Daoism teaching related to oriental medicine.

I then followed Buddhist teachings and was particularly drawn to the Karmic Management teaching which is a Karmic business model . I shared this with co-workers and it expanded into how to we manage the business of our life using the primary principal that we grow by helping others grow. We can only see ourselves receiving things by first seeing ourselves doing those things for others. I believe it also set the stage for a wonderfully supportive and productive business work place.

My passion is archeology and anthropology of ancient civilizations, with my strongest focus on spiritual and healing practices. What strikes me is that so much of what is now considered “new age” is really very ancient and grounded in thousands of years of practice.

My vocation is also as mixed as my spiritual path. In general my path is health care. Conventionally being both a therapist and nurse, and non-conventionally a licensed acupuncturist. Each has given me a broad scope within which to develop. I find in this path I can combine my personal and sacred dreams to awaken the powerful woman within.

So with that introduction I want to christen our new adventure with the SacredCircleDreamers with a vision to set up a community to engage in developing the feminine wisdom (in both men and women), to explore ways to strengthen our vision from the feminine, to discover how to remove our internal obstacles to peace and happiness and to show you this wisdom has been around for ages.

Here is my thought for the day and every day:

"In order to be seen you have to cut through the darkness by projecting a powerful light." - Master Omraam Michael Aivanhov-1947

- Joyce

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