The Dream of Life

This is one of my all time favorite videos. What if we lived our life with the understanding that we are here, in this life, in this set of circumstances, for a reason which perfectly serves to bring us the learning and growth we need to reach our highest potential? And that we are Dreaming this reality into existence every minute?

In The Sweet Medicine Sundance Way of the Native American tradition, there is something called the StarMaiden's Circle. This Circle is a map to guide us on our journey here as spiritual beings in our human experience. Part of this StarMaiden's Circle is the concept of our Personal Dream, Sacred Dream, Planetary Dream and Collective Dream. There is a book called Song of the Deer which describes this in great detail. This whole topic is really quite fascinating but I want to focus here on the Personal Dream and the Sacred Dream.

Your Personal Dream is your desire to live life to its fullest, to meet your physical needs and acquire knowledge and skill. This encompasses your vocation or career as well as your physical health. Your ability to actualize this dream is dependent on emotional balance. It is interesting and very productive to look at the interplay of our emotional, mental and physical life. This interplay impacts the ease with which we can manifest, or Dream, the reality which brings us closer and closer to the fulfillment of our Highest Life. When I say Highest Life, I mean the true potential for our success and happiness in all its forms. Our physical body is the foundation and vehicle for our spiritual journey, and is closely tied into the state of our emotions and mental health. We may talk more about this down the road. But for now, just think "my body is a temple". And honor that temple.

Your Sacred Dream has to do with your life purpose. This is what you have come here to do in this life. It is your "give away", they call it. This is your sacred service to others and to life. It is your spiritual growth and has nothing to do with your vocation or career.

Your Sacred Dream and Your Personal Dream may merge, meaning you may use the vehicle of your career to fulfill your Sacred Dream. But the two are not the same.

Life Purpose

Putting some mindful energy into identifying what you think your life purpose is can be a liberating experience, allowing you to open doors to your life that you never knew existed. Your life purpose may have absolutely nothing to do with your job. But the way we fulfill this purpose often has to do with our natural gifts and talents, things we are naturally drawn to, or things that come very easily to us. So, for some people that may look like their career. But for many it can take a completely different form.

For example, I work as a veterinary oncologist. And while I love my job very much and find it rewarding, it is not how I am fulfilling my Sacred Dream. My Sacred Dream has to do more with my spiritual studies and what I am doing with things like this website, the Goddess Circle, and sacred singing. It is through honoring that "other part" of my life that I find balance, and my Personal Dream unfolds with more ease and grace because of the increased capacity I have through work in my Sacred Dream circle.

The way I tend to think about this is that my Human Experience serves my Soul Experience. And my Soul Experience serves my Universal Experience (or the way I fit into the bigger picture of the planet and the universe and my relationship with the Divine). When these are all engaged and I have some awareness of them, they are like gears in a machine, my Divine Machine, which makes life run more smoothly and with less energy or effort. This is the magic I was talking about in Monday's post. Your Sacred Dream, or Life Purpose, is at the center of all this.

As we work to bring all these aspects into alignment, it is helpful to think about and understand how alignment with our Sacred Dream (our life purpose, our Soul Experience) impacts the fullness of expression of our Personal Dream (our physical or Human Experience) and how the two work together.

Sacred Dream Exercise:

1) Sit down in a clean, quiet space and light a candle. Maybe steep your Goddess Self a cup of tea. Honor the sacred space you are entering and the sacred work you are doing. If you feel drawn to, you might say a prayer of thanks for the blessings you have now and ask for divine guidance in what you are about to do.

2) Make a list of what you think your unique gifts are. These are the ways you will bring your personal life purpose into the world. These are things that you are naturally good at. Special talents. Things you are naturally attracted to. Things you could do for hours and hours and never tire of them. This can lead you to some "ah-ha" moments about your life purpose and how you can bring your unique gift to the world and leave your legacy.

3) You might also choose to reflect on some particularly challenging experiences you have whethered in your life and what they taught you. We grow and learn and become the beings we are through our experiences. And it is often through those major challenges that we are being groomed to remember a wisdom which we came to share. And to understand it more fully from both sides through experience. Many people who have made huge contributions to the elevation of human awareness experienced some major challenges and traumas in their lives. Can you think of any examples of this in your life? How were you changed? What positives came of that experience? What was the lesson in it? This is often related to your Divine Purpose.

We would love to hear your experience of this exercise if you want to share with us.

Maha Love, and blessings to us all on our Sacred Journey.

- Erin

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