Dreaming Your Dream Awake

When we sleep we dream. Some of us remember our dreams, some of us don’t (that’s me!!) Same is true when we are awake, some of us remember our dreams for our life and some of us don’t.

When we sleep and dream--ANYTHING is possible--we can fly, dance, be rich, famous, have monsters chase us and we always survive. No one can enter your sleeping dream and change it, design it for you, tell you that you can’t have that dream. It is one thing that is truly yours. Well dear Goddesses, the same thing is true for your personal and sacred dreams.

We dream when we are awake too, and these are part of our waking dreams. No one else can enter your waking dream time either--it is yours alone, you own it. We don’t need anyone’s approval to have these dreams. AND we can materialize them in our waking dream time.

So how do I know what the dream for my life is? As a Goddess circle we come together to explore and assist each other in defining our dreams. We see and experience the world based on those images we pre-program into our mind. We do that with our unconscious mind which we pre-program every day with our conscious thoughts. And that comes through in our night-time dreams. So, ah-ha!!! We do have some control over what we dream at night. The same is true for day-time dreaming as well.

Question is, how do you control it? Our conscious mind programs our unconscious mind. This is a real science called neuro linquistic programming (NLP). It is a common practice they use to train elite athlete’s--just “see” yourself being successful. “See” in your mind’s eye successfully negotiating those moguls, winning that race. The mind is a great thing in that it really can’t tell where the image comes from - imagining it or actually doing it---you “dream it awake” as you actually see and feel yourself “doing it”. In this way, we control what our mind perceives. That is the beginning point--first see yourself being that which you dream to be, then feel yourself being it. Your unconscious mind accepts it as real.

How do we prepare ourselves for dreaming? This practice is taught in so many spiritual and medical paths--I even found it referenced in ways to help prevent osteoporosis. Using this method decreases stress and depression which helps to keep your bones strong by decreasing bone damaging hormone release!!

We all develop rituals and ceremonies. One of those is what we do in those first five minutes before we go to sleep. Do you review the problems and disappointments of the day, worry about tomorrow or do you think about all the positive things that you are grateful for this day? You have a choice!!

Here is the simple exercise:

For the first 5 minutes after you go to bed. Review the day and picture in your mind 3 things that happened today that were really wonderful. Something kind you did for someone else, something some one did for you.

“See” yourself successfully completing something you want to do. Just lay there and picture this and replay it in your mind for 5 minutes.

This sets the stage for what plays and embeds in your subconscious mind --the auto pilot that drives 96% of our life.

Just remember--you cannot stop “thinking” but you can consciously choose what you focus on for this short time. Make this your nightly ritual. You will notice both subtle and often profound changes.

Sweet dreams,


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