Nurturing the Child Within

So the question comes to mind: How do I dream my dream awake? It is a challenging concept because, in general, no one taught this to us. We were taught to work hard, life is a struggle, be strong, play by the rules. Here is the beauty of it. We already KNOW deep within ourselves who we are, who we are meant to be.

For me, a useful starting point is ‘when I was a child, what did I dream of being?’. Who was “I” before the world (my family, school, etc.) defined that for me? The challenge is--how to find the courage and support and memory to unveil that special precious child within who believes anything is possible. Nurturing the child is what the Divine Feminine has ALWAYS done. As women, we know in our heart, intuitively, how to nurture the children. We were born to it. We believe in it. One of the powerful teachings from the Native American path is “always honor the children”. That includes the child within.

One of the goals in developing and honoring the Divine Feminine is to also honor and develop the Divine Child within. Who is that “I” that has been with you all these years?

The one that has transformed through multiple bodies (infant, toddler, adolescent, adult) but remained the one constant within. Many teachings call this your higher self, your God within, your soul. You give it what ever name works for you. It is my goal to help us each recognize, nurture and honor that within us which already exists. We are unveiling that part of ourselves that still believes in our own limitless potential, our unique special self.

Today's Exercise

Spend some time just watching children, and seeing how they play, imagine, engage with the world. Then remember that child within yourself and give her some play time. Allow yourself to “pretend” your dream awake, make believe and “see” yourself as whatever you want to be.

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