The Power of the Heart

"The only business of the head in the world is to bow in ceaseless obedience to the heart." – William Butler Yeats

My husband, Dan, and I took a trip to Ireland this past summer. This is a photo of my favorite place on planet earth so far: Slea Head, on the Dingle peninsula. I'd been there once before after college and it was a life-changing experience. There are some places that just invite our heart to open. Ireland is like that for me. It's like the land itself is singing a song to my heart. Maybe you have a place like that. Somewhere that naturally gets you outside yourself. Where you feel an unexplainable connection to the land. Where your soul seems to connect with a memory of something bigger. Beautiful places often do that. For me, it is that magical combination of the ocean and the mountains, and their sacred meeting. Where the fluid, constantly moving energy of the water bows and surrenders to the strength of the mountain. It gets me out of my head. And when I'm out of my head, I am living in my heart. There, the ocean mirrors the state of my mind, its ever cresting and crashing thoughts giving way to the steady, protective mountain of the Heart.

And from that place, I can dream. Really dream.

I love what William Butler Yeat's says here. Actually, I love a lot of what he says! But this idea of letting the heart rule the mind is one of such great power. The heart doesn't judge the mind or the thoughts. It just loves and accepts what is crashing against it's steadiness, recognizing it as the perfect unfolding of our own personal human journey. And in that place of love and acceptance is freedom.

And this is key to the idea of Dreaming our World into being, which is our focus this month. In the space of our heart we can dream. We can see the possibilities. We embrace hope and opportunity. When we are living in our heart we are guided by feeling and intuition and oneness and love, rather than analysis and logic and comparison. We open to each other and to the world around us. When our "head bows in obedience to our heart", we don't analyze and question the possibility. We don't analyze and question ourselves. We don't analyze and question each other. We just love. And that love protects us and gives us power. This is the true power of our divine feminine wisdom. This wisdom of the power of Love. Because it is this power that transforms us, if we let it. It is a power that, like the mountains, sustains and upholds and steadies. That has a broader, higher, more expansive view of the world. That rises above the waves of our thoughts and distractions and objections and opens us up to possibility... where we can see the unlimited, expansive potential of the sky.

Heart Dream Journaling Exercise:

Sometimes the most natural way to get in touch with this expansiveness is to spend some time somewhere beautiful. It might be your back yard. It might be sitting on the shore of a lake or walking through the woods. Or sitting on top of a mountain! Find a place that opens a door in your heart and just stay there. Marvel at the beauty of the world and the miracle that is this life. Allow your heart to embrace all that awe and wonder for a good long while. In that open state of heart, allow yourself to dream. And then write those dreams down in a journal...your own personal "dream" journal. Write down your experience of this open state of heart and anything else that comes to you. Do this as often as you like. Then, on days when you are feeling distracted or stuck, you can pull your dream journal out and remember that you are full of possibility. That you are powerful. And that you do have the power to Dream. It is your right and your calling, and it is why you are here.

Let your mind bow in ceaseless obedience to your heart.... and Just Love.


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