Power to the….Me!....the self-actualized Me!

What other people think of you is none of your business-

Or put more professionally: "The self actualized person functions independent of the positive opinion of others." ~Maslow.

How often do we either down grade our dreams/desires because others discourage us, or we ask other people to define our dreams for us—called “asking people for their opinion”. It always strikes me that we do this because it is “safe”. If I we do what other people tell us to do, and we fail or fall short in any way then it is because we followed their advice --so it is really their fault.

So why not just step into that place of power and empowerment and design our own path.

I believe when we are dissatisfied with our present situation we have two really good choices.

One: If you are in a situation that you consider less than perfect at this time but are not ready to make a change—then keep doing what you are doing, just do it the very BEST that you can. If you have a job you don’t like but don’t want to leave yet, make it your mission to be the BEST at it. Sometimes this actually leads you to the perfect job later. ~ Note from the Universe: ‘Treating “any old job” as if it were your dream job is the fastest way to spark the kind of life changes that will yield your dream job. Same for any old house, friend, day, life-or pair of espadrilles’

Two: follow your vision. If you have been inspired to make a change and try something new—go for it. The one great thing about making a decision is that there is basically no decision you can make that you can’t change later. No risk here! And remember—the self actualized person functions independent of the positive opinion of others. There is always risk (sometimes called learning opportunities!) to everything we do. But in general when we follow our heart’s desire, we can assume it is part of our soul’s journey. I think it is important to just trust the process. You have the power to create a life that feels good and now you have a support system to see you through.

Blessing to my soul travelers on this path to a new earth.

All endings are just new beginnings.


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