Seeing the Sacred in my Circle

In this coming age of new information, we are often left wondering what we are to do in our daily lives to begin to see the changes we are working toward in our lives. Some of us might be wanting new relationships, or a new job, or just a new harmony in our lives. All this can seem very out of reach if we do not realize the power we hold as individuals, and, in particular, as our feminine aspect. Now, I don’t mean to leave the men out of this. We are going to focus on the goddess energy and the role it plays in our daily lives and the lives of those who are around us. And we should realize that we all have that goddess energy as a part of us, regardless of gender or identification.

We have a special commitment to learn to recognize and harness this feminine power with which we have been endowed. And the first step to doing so is to listen to the inner voice which whispers it’s guidance to us in the midst of our busy-ness and learn to allow it to guide us. There is a power in spontaneity. And it is sometimes a fun growth practice to spend a day just living in the moment. Just deciding that you are going to let go of your plans and tune in and listen to the ways you are being pulled and structure your day around those intuitions. Try it and see what happens for you. Just for a day. You might be surprised by what you find comes to you and how your life begins to take on a more spacious feel while still being able to fulfill all the desires and responsibilities of your everyday life.


Pick a day you can be in a relaxed state of mind. Plan ahead. But pick a day and just jump in with a playful heart. Remember, this is for you.

Get up in the morning and take a few moments to breathe deeply through your nose, into your belly and back out through the crown of your head. Then take a few breaths from your heart to the earth, and back up into your heart.

Find something to be thankful for, whether it is this breath you are taking, someone in your life, a new development that is coming to fruition, or even just this rare opportunity to breathe with awareness for a few moments. Think about what a fortunate existence you have, in this moment.

Then, state, with intention, that you wish to live today guided by your highest Self. That you wish to enhance your awareness of your life path and the techniques and steps by which you may walk more fully in your own power, by which you bring the most benefit to the world and the good of all those whom you encounter. State, out loud, that you would like clear guidance and a forgiving heart (for both yourself and others) during this day. And that your intention is to explore the fullness of life and all you have come to do here.

You may wish to end this morning intention with a short ritual, such as relaxing with a cup of tea, walking outside to connect with nature and the energies that sustain you, or meditate on the awakening of the awareness of your higher guidance.

Close the day with another short ritual that you like, perhapse the same way you started the day. You might want to enjoy making a few notes about what you experienced or insights that came to you.

In Love,


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