Walking The Mandala of Your Life

Life is a sacred dance to discovering our true potential. Our life, and every circumstance within it, is our Sacred Circle, our Mandala. We step into the fullness of our potential when we learn to walk our Mandala in tune with our own higher Truth, and that's when "the Magic happens".

The feminine is inherently creative and intuitive, with a focus on the big picture rather than the details. Through the practice of allowing your guidance to flow (see our Dec 25 blog post), you may find that you are more open to receiving the benefits and blessing of the world in which you now find yourself.

What would happen if we all just let go a little and stepped more fully into our feminine aspect of power; the creative power of allowing, receiving, and intuition? What would we experience if we let go of the idea that we have to control the events around us in order to accomplish? There is a beauty in the flow of life. And when we invite ourselves to step into that flow, to realize that we are so much more than we ever thought, then all that is meant for us will be invited into our experience. We allow the energy around us to flow, which allows the old to move on and creates space for the new to move in.

If you are feeling a stifling in the movement of your life, it may be time to take a step in another direction. To spend a day in the feminine flow of existence, stepping into the realm of possibility. We are here for such a short time. Why not explore what other options lie waiting for us as a sort of game with life? What other possibilities lie waiting on the other side of our ideas and concepts? What other life lies on the other side of what we now accept to be true and real and possible for us? There really is no limit to what we can dream.

Sometimes, in this more intuitive receptive state, we may be led to realize that the life we had conceived, the life we had planned, may not actually be the one we were destined to complete. And that can be liberating. Or, perhaps, we may find that the life we are fighting against, the one we are now Dreaming, is the perfect place for us to learn and grow and stretch ourselves in new directions if we can only find the receptivity and grace to allow ourselves to really step fully into the present and accept all our current life situation has to offer - to allow it to soften us and open our Hearts. Only you can know what is right for you. All it takes is to ask the question, and then get quiet and listen for the answer. It’s inside of you.

At the start of the year, I often find it helpful to take time to refocus my energy. To check into the Dream I have for my life and what the year ahead may bring. In what direction am I feeling led. Am I Dreaming my own Dream?

It can be a powerful exercise to stop and ask yourself whose dream you are living.

If you are not living the life of your dreams, perhaps it isn’t that you haven’t yet found the magic answer to overcoming your obstacles. It might be that you have adopted someone else’s dream for your life, and you are not, in fact, Dreaming your own Dream. Your life doesn’t have to look like your neighbors or your mother’s or your spouse’s. Your life is uniquely yours. And it is our obligation, as humans on an exquisite journey to the truth, to find that purpose in ourselves. To step into our own Dream and, now, in this time, to find balance in our lives by honoring the feminine power of allowing.

In order to truly embody the Love that we are, and to give everything we have to give to the world, we need to step boldly into our fullness. Tune in to our inner Guru, our inner voice, our inner guidance. Get quiet. Get Clear. Then, we work the magic of bringing that Dream into reality.

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