Tune into Sunny Thoughts and Postive Movement.

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In reading about the current positive changes in the new millennium, it is predicted that the age of Aquarius will usher in a new positive energy. That we are in deed co-creators of our world. In spite of the fact that most of the news we hear/see tends to be sensational and negative, there is actually a great move in today's culture that is positive. I know that we are all looking to access those energies and that is the focus of much of the work we do together and independently.

Remember that all the positive growth we are currently engaged in--does in fact have a positive effect on the world energy. Notice the move toward healthier, greener foods. Notice the move to decrease the use of GMO foods as consumers refuse to pay for them. Notice that MacDonald's is actually going to begin to source anti- biotic free chicken for their products. This is just a reminder that although what we do may at times seem small, it is in fact HUGE.

The ripple effect of everything we do to focus our energy for personal growth not only goes into our personal life, but also our family lives, our community and our world. I feel so blessed to be conscious of this energy and to work together to expand it. In that vein, I would like to share these two links to news in case you are not familiar with them.

So as we focus on our "goddess" feminine energy, we can see how productive it is in birthing a new life energy.



- Joyce

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