I AM.....freaking Amazing!


"I AM...two of the most powerful words; for what you put after them shapes your reality."

I recently spent an amazing week in Sedona over the Spring Equinox. The photo here is one that my friend Barb took at a place called Whispering Caves. Sometimes photos can be pretty amazing. I got a lot of really amazing photos on this trip, but this is one of my favorites. Although I did photo shop this a little for ambiance, the aura that was captured was authentic. And it makes me think, "What am I putting out there and carrying around with me when I think and say things?" This world is such an amazing and mysterious playground. And so much of the time we talk and think without really considering how those words impact our immediate environment and our reality. Science more and more is validating the energy field of the human body. That we are energy, this amazing vehicle that we inhabit which allows us to traverse this vast, and largely unknown, world. And energy is constantly in flux. The mystical traditions talk about the illusion which is all around us and that is the reality we experience. They teach that we are divine creative forces and that everything we need to bring us happiness is right inside us. Sometimes that realization seems so out of reach. But it is really just that we have become so enmeshed in this version of our life and solidified into the belief that "because things look this way, they are...immutably and invariably", that we haven't woken up to our true potential yet.

I've seen some pretty crazy things in my short life. Enough to believe that we largely have no idea what is really going on in this Universes we inhabit. One thing is for sure, we are the creators of our own reality. Whether you prefer Positive Psychology or Yogic Mysticism, we are the Dreamers of this Dream. And what we do with our words and our thoughts directly shapes the world we live in. We are all powerful in that way, whether we believe it yet or not.

The first step in beginning to realize this is to become more aware of the way we are talking about ourselves. What beliefs are we reinforcing with our self-talk? What states are we recreating every time we say "I am......(insert your favorite self-descriptive here)". What if, for example, instead of saying "I am always so tired" we said "I am vibrant!" What if instead of "I am stressed" we said "I am accomplishing so much with ease and grace!". If there is a shift you want to see, start with your words. Invite that new perception into your awareness. If we don't voice it, how does it know we are waiting to welcome it with open arms?!

"I am...Love."

"I am...Powerful."

"I am...Potential."

"I am...Happiness."

"I am...fulfilling my divine purpose with ease and grace."

"I am...living my highest life."

"I am...freaking Amazing!"

The second step...and this is a very important one... is to "live as if." Simply, this means to feel the feelings you would be embodying if those statements were true. Embody those words. Invite yourself to believe them. And keep at it, for as long as it takes.

This is "Be the change you wish to see in the world". What are you creating with every word and every feeling? Be gentle with yourself. And just play. You are Love. You are Powerful. You are Potential.

I propose this phrase for the month for contemplation:

"You are what you speak."

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