Pink Moon Reflections

Thoughts for today's moon energy:

I thought this was a good time to remember that life continues as a work in progress as we move toward our highest potential and our highest “self”!

As we all prepare for various transitions and challenges and just positive growth — it is helpful to focus on challenging ourselves to deal with those inner shadows that dim our light and block us from looking into the mirror’s reflection.

'The energy of this Pink Moon', as it's called in the Farmers Almanac is all about coming into your power by bringing to light the fears, insecurities, and energetic blockages lurking in the shadows of your consciousness.

If you feel like there are things coming to light in your life now that you don't like, that you don't want to look at, and really don't want to deal with...

This Full Moon's energy is exactly why!

These are the things in your life that are needing to be transformed so you can reclaim more of your authentic power, and use your inner light and magic to create blessings in your life.

So instead of meeting the shadow dynamics head on, and diving into doubt, drama or despair...

Go deeper.

Like when pulling weeds...

You can just chop off the tops of the weeds and it looks like the work has been done, but if you do this, the roots of the issue are still intact, and the weeds will quickly return.

You can also spray weeds with poison, but then you're just contaminating the Earth, and poisoning the fertile ground where new seeds are meant to grow.

So the solution?

Dig deep.

Look deeply within to see and get to the root of the patterns popping up like weeds in your life.

Are there past life patterns? Ties to old wounds, timelines, hurts and memories you've been carrying and are now being called to release and let go?

See the truth of whatever is happening in your life and with love and presence, ask for clear guidance for your very next step in healing and transforming it.

You're supported in experiencing a powerful shift now...

It's a powerful time of healing, miracles, and transformation.

But you're required to be an active participant in the change. To face the truth and see: are you standing in your power?

What needs to change in your life? What can be transformed and where do you simply need to let go?

What roots of old pain, density and negativity do you need to pull out?

Be willing to let go, and return to love.

Because love is the real source of power in life.

Love is exactly what will help guide you through….

With Much Love,


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