A Learning: Expanding the Heart Field

We are one with all of the energies that surround us.

Just as a drop of water is one with the ocean, we are one with the ocean of energy that is this rich and varied world in which we find ourselves. Our first learning is to experience this, and gain a deeper appreciation for the way in which our drop of water, our energy, affects this ocean around us and how it, in turn, affects us.

It is within the creative field of the Heart that this learning first occurs. As we hold thoughts and emotions of a higher frequency, such as love, appreciation, joy, and gratitude, we come into resonance with what we will call the Love frequency. In this state, the Heart field is expanded.

As these energies are liberated from the Heart field, there is a transformation in our perceptions. In this state of resonance with the Love frequency we see the world from a perspective of Love and possibility. We feel connected to each other, to nature, to the wider world. Immersed in this state, we engage with a self-supporting circuit. Our perceptions support the Love frequency, which in turn strengthens the Love frequency vibration in our Heart field, which strengthens our perception of connection and, in fact, interconnectedness. It is in this state that we are most effective in visioning our world and bringing a new reality into being.

This is the reason for the importance of connecting with things that open the heart center, and the emphasis on engaging in such practices on a regular basis in many different spiritual traditions.

Our task is to learn to maintain this Love frequency in many scenarios. Because it is only through the maintenance of this Love frequency that transformation of our reality occurs.

For many, this resonance naturally occurs when out in Nature. The beauty of the trees and flowers, the expansive feeling we get when we take in vast open spaces, the sweet song of birds, can transport us into feelings of awe, bliss and Love. The frequency of the Heart field is expanded in such a state.

One must continually experience this expansion in order to carry it into different scenarios.

This is a learning.

Daily expansion of the Heart field in this way helps us remember the true power we hold. A power to positively impact and transform the world. Through holding this frequency of Love, we allow others to find that same power within their Heart field. In this, the creative power of Love, we are Divine PowerHouses. We are the World. We are the future. And we remember that it is only Love that connects us and brings about the positive change for which the world is so thirsty. It is up to each one of us, each drop in this ocean, to carry this Love frequency within our own Heart field which will then ripple out to the rest of the ocean.

It all starts in our Heart field.

Play there.

Invite Love.

Hold your space with gentleness and power.

Repeat often.

Enjoy your ocean.

Be it.

Big Love,


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