Shaken and Stirred: How we Awaken

Shaken and Stirred

“ Sometimes the Universe has to shake you to awaken you” source unknown (unremembered!!!)

For those of you who have participated in my ‘power of numbers’ trainings, you know that 111 (11/11/16) is a powerful number that reminds us to be very mindful that the thoughts we focus on engage the energetic power of this number. 111 immediately transforms your thoughts into reality. We should each think about what reality we are manifesting for ourselves and our communities so that we align with our true intention of how we want to impact the life flow energy around us. This then should help to design what ACTIONS we take to support this intention.

With all the current change happening on many levels, it is good to remember that change is sometimes scary and we often tend to resist it. But it is change that propels us forward on our path to awakening. For those who are ready and willing to be aware, awake and willing to turn away from fear, there is incredible opportunity now to engage with the higher levels of spiritual/emotional/societal change that are emerging. Are you being invited to step forward into the “light” to continue to move us on the path to greater awareness of your highest, most powerful “light body” self? It is our opportunity to transmute fear, anxiety, insecurity and chaos into love, trust and the truth of peace and oneness in this new energy paradigm.

As ‘scary’ as it is to see the discord and chaos around us, it is also a time to marvel at the many resources we have to move forward on a positive, productive, loving path. It is important to recognize what we believe is the positive, highest, most vibrant path forward and to give serious contemplation as to what and how we want to contribute to moving forward in love and light. I am not being naïve about what we face, it will take a very powerful joining of forces to not only believe in a higher path, but to take ACTION to contribute to how and when it happens.

It may also be interesting to remember that light converts to heat. So we cannot just meditate and envision the light—we have to allow this light to become heat (feelings) and then transform into movement (action). Action brings light into one’s consciousness and spiritual growth. This light then spurs more heat (feelings) and more action. It helps to keep us moving forward.

I encourage each of us to examine our support structures to identify those people that will best support us in moving in the direction we chose to move. Remember it is ALWAYS a choice. Today is a good day to examine where you want to fit into this process.


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