Becoming Effective Change-Makers

In this scocio-economic climate of Polarization, this is an important reminder. As we are working to contribute in a positive way to the world even as we are still growing and evolving ourselves, it is important to remember that who we surround ourselves with and allow ourselves to be influenced by are pivotal decisions that can shape our growth and our effectiveness in our life.

I've had/have some great mentors. I have also had mentors who were still learning what it means to be an effective mentor. All these experiences shaped me. Some in positive ways that continue to support my ongoing journey of personal growth. Some in very difficult ways that were important learning experiences. Discernment, free of judgement, is a vital strength in understanding what is effective and what is not effective.

The great mentors, great change-makers and great colleagues, they are the ones that help us shape ourselves, help us grow into our full potential, help us become more than we are now and sometimes more than they are. A great mentor/colleague always wants to see their mentee/colleague exceed them. Great people like that, we can ALL be. Great people like that strive, fueled by the enlightened inner fire of compassion and service to the world, to bring all they can to the table in order to help others bring all they can to the table.

THAT, my friends - that kind of human interaction, that kind of humility, that kind of inner strength, that kind of true wisdom, that kind of desire to support each other - that brings lasting and positive change to the world. That is how we encourage the truth, no matter the truth we believe in, to flourish and gain supporting what we believe in and nurturing those who carry the potential to energize that truth in the world. That gives the truth strength.

Effective change is not achieved by working to destroy, diminish or belittle that which opposes what we believe in...that is the coward's path. That is a path born of personal fears and traumas.

The path of an effective Change-Maker, a powerful force for positive change, is a path of courage. It is a path defined by a clear understanding of ourselves and our own Path in the world.

Inner strength, solid moral character and the motivation to help others are defining characteristics of excellent mentors and effective Change-Makers.

If we want more goodness in the world, if we want more genuine truth in the world, if we want to create a human experience that is saturated with accurate understanding, we must understand the foundations of those things. The foundations of Goodness are kindness, understanding, compassion. Period. These must, by necessity and the truth of what is effective, be the driving forces behind any action we take to create lasting positive change in the world.

Effective implementation of a higher vision - whether that vision be in our small circle of family, in the wider circle of our profession or the broader circle of the world - is motivated by the desire to support and serve that vision rather than to compete against and diminish others.

An effective strategy must find the common ground and work to bring people together, to nurture compassion and understanding for those who think and act in opposition to these foundations. This creates Unification rather than Polarization. For it is only then that the actions we take toward creating something better have weight and power to take root, motivated by a will steeped in the desire to uplift and to help ourselves find a more effective way of being on this planet together and to improving our current experience.

This is the path of the enlightened Leader. This takes a strong person, who has done their own inner work in order to act beyond their personal issues, toxic emotions and accumulated traumas. This is the path of coming into our true power and reaching the pinnacle of our full potential with each other.

So, find effective role models, excellent mentors and good people.

Surround yourself with them.

Become one of them.

Do your work.

And do Good. Great!

Big Love,


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