Divya Nada  -- "Divine Sound"

Divya means "divine"

Nada means "sound"


Divya Nada is a kirtan band led by Erin and Dan Bannink.


Kirtan is an echoing rhythmic style of music that

opens the heart and brings your mind in line with the divine

and into a state of balanced awareness.


“Music is the language of the spirit. It opens the secret of life bringing peace, abolishing strufe.” ~Khalil Gibran

प्रेमा  अनंता 



प्रेमा Prema means "divine love"

अनंता Ananta means "infinite"


Music is sound energy.  This energy affects us, physically and mentally as well as in subtle ways that we may not realize yet.  We have all felt this with certain types of music.  Certain sounds particulary resonate with us.   These frequencies feel great to listen to and are beneficial to our emotional, mental and physical states.


In the fast-paced, high stress world we live in now, enjoyable tools to de-stress and get back in touch with ourselves are so vital to our well-being.  Music and certain sounds can help us "tune up" our bodies and mind.  It can positively affect our brainwaves, bringing a sense of calm and peace.  It encourages realease of hormones and neurotransmitters that relax the physical body and help counteract the stress responses triggered by daily life, improving physical health and healing.  


From a yogic perspective, music moves energy.  It opens our Heart and Throat Chakras, helping us live life with greater ease and grace.


Music is not only pleasant to listen to but carries a healing potential that, when combined with the energy of Love, can be truly transformative both in our physical and spiritual lives.  


There are many ways to harness the healing and creative power of sound: certain music, singing, healing sound techniques, and especially your own voice.