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Make a commitment to yourself NOW.

You are Powerful. You are Peaceful. You have the answers inside of you. 

Spiritual Expansion Group begins with this Antar Mouna series. Antar Mouna means "inner silence". Inner Silence is essential to creating an inner environment which supports connecting with the quiet, yet powerful, inner guidance and knowing that we all have. 

Together, each week we do a short guided meditation designed to help us get centered, calm, destressed, and develop our intuition and relationship with our inner guidance. Discussions vary and are non-religious, but generally honor the Truth of the power of an attitude of service, kindness, compassion, and care-of-self in creating a more harmonious life experience, with focus on practical tools, thoughts and attitudes to apply to daily life.


Becoming mentally strong is something that has been undervalued in our culture. It's key to living a healthier and happier life. Because of the complex interactions between our mind, body and Spirit, the strength our mind affects not only our mental health, but also our physical and spiritual health and well-being.


A Five Week Series: Understanding Your Spiritual Journey Through the Five Dimensions of Consciousness (Five Koshas)


According to yoga, the human being is able to experience five dimensions of existence, or levels of consciousness. These are called the Five Koshas. For 5 weeks we explore these five koshas: what they are, how we experience them, how we move through and transcend these dimensions of consciousness, and specific ways we can care for ourselves in order to gain a more meaningful experience of these levels. You will learn practical ways to use this information to better understand your own personal journey of evolution and how to engage this journey more effectively.


Self-Care is not Selfish and Self Love is the Key to a thriving physical and spiritual life. We discuss the importance of self-care, obstacles to self-care and what we actually mean by self-care. Together we formulate a self-care plan for your most productive and happy life.


There is a difference between pain and suffering. One of the greatest dis-services to humanity is the teaching that "life is suffering". Life is not suffering. Suffering is not inevitable. We suffer because we have learned to suffer. We have been taught to suffer. In this class we discuss the first stage of learning how not to suffer.  The way that we do this is by reprogramming the subconscious programs that are causing our suffering. By learning how to engage with our experiences in a way that causes healing, not resistance.


Tools to allow the purification of subconscious imprints (thoughts, images and emotions) without suffering. 

In this class we discuss the persistent distractions of:

1) Pain and Discomfort

2) Discursive Brilliance

3) Emotions, Memories, and Visions


And how our resistance to our experiences causes all our suffering. 

We discuss how learning to Acknowledge, Allow and Accept these experiences frees them from our subconscious and liberates us from suffering.

This is one of the weekly Tuesday night meditation classes at Red Lotus Yoga. Here, we are going through the 10 stages of meditation. We are at stage 4 in this class. We are using the book "The Mind Illuminated" by Dr. John Yates as a framework for our classes. The book I refer to here is this book, if you want to follow along. We are covering topics from pages 131-140 in this book if you want more details and advices on this process. The processes we discuss here are part of a daily mindfulness meditation practice.

*please note that the volume on the audio recording is very quiet in places and louder in others as I wasn't originally recording with the intent to post this class. Headphones are recommended for easier listening.